Sunday, 2 November 2014

01/11/2014 Nelson

01/11/2014 - 03/11/2014 Nelson
It’s the new guest editor of the blog Mum and Dad have had the kind inclination (or error in judgement) to let me write this segment!
Unfortunately the red carpet wasn’t really out on their arrival as I was still fast
asleep in bed at 3pm having just finished night shifts. Despite my better judgement, I welcomed them in to the fab pad!
I later learned the error of this when I took a good whiff and had to ‘mouth breathe’ for a good 15 minutes while Mum tried to chat to me. The clothes climbed themselves in to the washing machine with zero assistance.
I assume any soap they may have brought is still in it’s packet.
A luxurious start to the next day was then followed by an epic 6.5 hr walk up mount Arthur which was covered in snow at the summit. We all felt totally hard-core as we passed THREE other groups who all gave us the advice to bail out before the top as ‘you just don’t know how deep the snow is’ and the weather was looking pretty dodgy – lots of cloud, strong winds etc. but to our good
fortune the skies cleared and (following simon!) we managed get to the top! It was so steep at the top that walking down wasn’t really an option. We later learned that the technical name for our descent is ‘Glissading’ but it looks an awful lot like slipping down on your arse! (See photos)
Next day had some cheerleading of Simon in his tennis, too many poached eggs and an early Christmas present for me in a Kitesurfing board! BBQ out on the deck and lots of red wine to finish the day.
Speak soon!

Janneke x


  1. nice role reversal with the snelly clothes. parents vs students , young proffesionals vs aged parents!
    walk looks great

  2. Thanks for sharing the blog and pictures they`re very nice