Sunday, 2 November 2014

31/10/2014 Pelorus Bridge - Nelson

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31/10/2014 Pelorus Bridge – Nelson. Yippeeee !
We were both excited. Only 54 km between us and Janneke. We set off at about 10 and wound our way up a couple of hills. Nothing too strenuous. The biggest problem was the head wind which slowed us right down. Unfortunately we had to cycle on quite a busy road but there was mostly a hard shoulder. The alternative route off road just looked to difficult to contemplate with our bikes. Very bouldery and steep. It would be great with proper mountain bikes though. As we cycled along the coast road we could see Nelson in the distance for ages and then it worked out that Janneke lives in the far side of town. The last few km's seem to take forever because we were so keen to get there. We were rewarded with a warm welcome and wonderful views from her house over the sea.

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