Sunday, 2 November 2014

30/10/2014 Wellington - Picton ferry- Pelorus Bridge

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30/10/2014 Wellington – Picton Ferry- Pelorus Bridge
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The sun had come out again today and the ferry crossing to Picton was beautiful. We sat in the warm sunshine on deck soaking up the views for three hours and chatting with another female cyclist who was going from the Cape to the Bluff but following a somewhat different route to ours. It would seem that we have to be prepared for some wet days on the West Coast but for now all is great. The views cycling along Queen Charlotte's Drive were stunning. You wanted to stop on every bend to take another picture only to realise that you can't really capture it all in a photo.
I had a very lucky escape today. I didn't assemble our stove correctly and when it wouldn't light I leant right over it to see what was going on when a huge flame shot out and burned my fringe off. Luckily I was wearing glasses ( two pairs in fact, sunglasses on top of reading glasses) so my eyes where safe. I just look even more of a mess. We camped up at Pelorus Bridge. Right by the river. Apparently this is where
one of the scenes in the Hobbit was filmed (In the 2nd Hobbit film where they travel down the river in barrels ) Another good day.

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