Tuesday, 28 October 2014

28/10/2014 Featherston - Wellington and day off

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Garmin Connect Rimutaka trail
28/10/2014 Featherston to Wellington. 29/10/2014 Day off in Wellington

Having had awful weather yesterday on an ordinary connector ride day it was even better to wake up to full sunshine for a beautiful and long days ride on the Rimutaka track to Wellington.
The track follows the route of an old railway line. The first part was 1:15 according to the signs and was used by special Fell trains, but it was actually an easy steady climb on a good track. The only difficult bit was the Siberia stretch where the old railway had fallen away and we had to scramble through the creek. Having reached the summit and passed through a 600m unlit tunnel (in which  Malcolm fell off ) the track turned downhill. It was plain sailing although there were a lot of gates to negotiate and they were definitely not created with touring bikes in mind. We had to take our bags of repeatedly to get through them. We stayed on the track or cycleways all the way to Wellington at the 80 kms mark. The final 10 kms of 

cycling required several stops to blow up a slow puncture.

A beautiful sunny day which became wet and stormy once we were settled in our hotel leaving us feeling very snug.
North Island has done us proud. Shame we couldn't see it all. We will have to come back one day. No matter how much time you have when you are travelling there always things you have to miss.
The next day was spent exploring Wellington, especially its amazing interactive Te Papa museum. Once again on our rare days off we eat constantly it seemed.

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