Thursday, 9 October 2014

06/10/2014 Mangonui - Rarawa Beach

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Mangonui to Rarawa beach DOC campsite
Leaving Mangonui with the motel in the background
Another day of
tough cycling. Again we only covered about 85km but the fierce head
wind and inclines kept us on our toes.We fortunately decided to stock up in Pukonone which was just as well as it turned out to be the last store before camping tonight and before Waitiki Landing which is tomorrow nights destination.The DOC (Department of
Conservation) campsite was nestled in a little valley 4 km down a gravel track
with a beautiful beach right next to us. The camp site wasn't manned.
Just an honesty box. The wind had been cruel all day and even turned North as we did but at least we missed the rain showers which were always visible in the distance but as soon as the tent was up the heavens opened leaving us feeling very snug and smug. Luckily we had arrived in daylight because our
tent had been very thoroughly dismantled by customs in their search
for unwanted creatures and it took a little while to assemble it all.
We cooked ourselves a big steak before an early night with a film to
watch on the laptop. 

In the morning we had to stop swatting the mozzies as it was leaving too many blood stains on the walls of the tent. Keep the zips shut and use the DEET spray!
Malc on Rarawa Beach

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