Monday, 20 October 2014

20/10/2014 Piropiro camping to Taumarunui

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Garmin Connect  Timbertrail day 2
20/10/2014 Piropiro camping to Taumarunui
Whilst breaking camp we were surprised to see a group of 5 other cyclists arrive. We hadn't seen anyone all day yesterday and 5 all at once was almost unsettling. Their group was also doing Cape Reinga to the Bluff but they were doing smaller sections for two or three days before returning home and planning their next section. Once again the track was spectacular in its beauty and cycling quality. Lots and lots of swing bridges just for the benefit of the cyclists. Apparently the NZ PM pushed to invest 50 million dollars in developing these tracks throughout NZ to keep people in work during a recession. Money well spent and an example I wish our country would follow.
Fortunately the quality of the track began to improve as did our speed. Having spent 9 1/2 hrs on the saddle yesterday and arriving at dusk we were hoping to get to Taumarunui a little earlier. Despite 400m of climbing the track was predominantly downhill and so we got to town at 4.30. Time enough to ring ahead for tomorrow nights stay, shop and have fish and chips with wine yet again. The fish and chips in NZ is usually excellent. Great choice of fresh fish and freshly cooked chips in huge portions.

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  1. Loving the posts guys, it all looks amazing and from a roadie point of view very scary with all the descents in ruts, mud and switch backs.

    Keep them coming and enjoy xxxx