Friday, 10 October 2014

08/10/2014 Waitike Landing - Ahipara Ninety Mile Beach!

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Waitiki Landing to Ahipara

The access to Ninety Mile Beach
Whow! Today's
ride was almost entirely on the beach. We had to have a late
start because the tide had to be sufficiently far out to be able to
ride on the hard sand. Almost 90 km with the wind on our backs. We
couldn't believe our luck. During the whole of the journey we saw a
handful of cars, one very friendly local guy on a motorbike and some
hikers and right towards the end a few tour buses. We basically had
the beach to ourselves.
The initial
access to the beach was quite tricky, a 3km track which was
essentially the river bed with some very soft sand to negotiate.
Luckily we could drag our bikes out when we got stuck trying to
Signs told us
hire vehicles are not allowed on the beach and we can understand why.
We ended up in Ahipara in a nice little cabin and checked the weather
forecast for the next day which looked like being constant heavy
rain. We decided to take a day off and catch up with people , the
blog and to recharge our batteries. Unfortunately as is so often the
case in NZ the internet access was inconsistent and expensive.

But we did catch up with Paul from Germany. One of the hikers we had seen on the beach. Paul has travelled extensively and is planning to walk from Caper Reigna to Bluff. Just like us, although not following the exact same route. Paul was very relieved to leave the beach. At walking pace it can become somewhat tedious however beautiful.
The next days
ride will take us into the mountains again before returning to the

Riding along Ninety Mile Beach

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