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12/10/2014 Relaxing in Dargaville 13/10/2014 -Dargaville to Pouto Point

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12/10/2014 Relaxing in Dargaville 13/10/2014 -Dargaville to Pouto Point
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End of speed limit on Baylys Beach Dargaville
As before Pam and and Pete's hospitality knew no bounds with their simple continental breakfast including egg, bacon, cereal, peaches, yoghurt, toast, jam, marmalade, coffee and tea and just when we thought we'd finished she brought out the second round of freshly baked scones , muffins, apple pies etc.
There had been a lot of agonising over the route to follow as Cheryl from Shamrock charter boats couldn't confirm that Rod her husband would be able to take us out from Pouto point which is 70 kms down at the end of a peninsula. If we gambled on them being thee to pick us up but they couldn't then we would have to retreat the 70 kms. In addition Pouto point has no food and dodgy phone reception. After a bit of negotiating Cheryl agreed to convince Rod to predict whether he could take us or not before we set off for Pouto as his usual routine is to commit himself only 12 hrs beforehand. A green light was given and we set off late at 11 am. Further delay occurred as we met Dave from two nights previously as he was mending fence and we lost another ½ hr happily chatting.
The day was warm and sunny with a light headwind and beautiful scenery. Progress was rapid until we came to the final 23 kms into Pouto where the road surface changed to gravel. Within 5 kms I had fallen off my bike twice and we were both very worried by the downhills. We paid the price for having changed our 2” tyres for 1.75”of a different type. Tracing a straight line in the gravel was very difficult and there was a lot of wheel spinning. The difference was enormous. The track had just been graded so that didn't help matters.
After only 5kms on the gravel we were struggling more than at any time last year in South America and so when an enormous logging lorry pulled up alongside and said he'd return in 10 minutes with his pickup to drive us into Pouto we didn't hesitate for a second. Steve the driver had realised how much difficulty we were having and immediately came to the rescue. This generous , kind act is not untypical and we had been told several times already that if we got stuck someone would help us out---- and they did.
Ann at Pouto point only had one chalet which had already been let out so we were offered the hall which has 14 beds a kitchen ,showers and cliff top view. We were the sole occupants. Not bad for £7 each.

Looking forward to the boat trip tomorrow and travelling to Helensville with a boat of female deep sea anglers.
Knight Steve in shining armour to the rescue

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