Tuesday, 14 October 2014

14/10/2014 Pouto Point – Auckland

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14/10/2014 Pouto Point – Auckland
What an amazing day we've had. We woke up to blue skies and an amazing view out to see from our idyllic spot. Originally the fishing boat was going to pick us up at 10 but this was pushed back to after midday and then three o'clock so we had a lazy day walking on the beach and enjoying the sunshine. The fishing boat turned out to be a full on working affair. It sailed off at great speed and we had to hang on for fear of falling over board. Once we got into more sheltered water the boat slowed down and the woman set to work weighing and gutting their catch ( Including three sharks) so we had a good following of seagulls. There was nothing very gentile about the whole operation. It was all serious business. When the work was done we had some interesting conversations with some of the anglers who all were passionate about their fishing. When we got into harbour of Parakai we helped carry everything on shore and waved goodbye before getting our own stuff off the boat. We carefully checked that nothing was left behind only to realise just after the boat left that our rucksack with phone etc was missing. One of the woman had accidently taken it. Once again the Kiwi spirit of generosity and helpfulness came to the fore. We borrowed phones from total strangers, had offers of places to sleep but most of all Rod ( the skipper ) and his wife Cheryl pulled out all stops to help us out. They invited us into their home managed to locate our bag by phoning all the woman and then they drove some 90 odd km to retrieve our belongings and drive us to Auckland to our hotel. They could not have been kinder. A late finish to an exciting day. 
Weighing one of the sharks
Rod and Sheryl dropping us off in Auckland 

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