Sunday, 26 October 2014

24/10/2014 Whanganui - Ohingaiti (North of Hunterville)

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Garmin Connect Gorges to Sea Cycleway
24/10/2014 Whanganui – Ohingaiti
A lift up the longest earthbound elevator in the Southern
hemisphere with the bikes was a good start (65m up) no sweat!
We had very variable weather today. Light rain, torrential downpours, drizzle, hail and on the mountain snow. So it was a wet story. Luckily we didn't have too far to go to get to Hunterville our destination. We decided to skip our usual road side stop for brunch on account of it being so cold and wet and pushed on to the motel/takeaway. Unfortunately for us there was a big wedding on and every bed in town was booked. But the lady in the take away cafe,in typical Kiwi fashion came to the rescue and sorted us out in an old pub on the State Highway 1. Luckily it only 15 km further and there was a big shoulder to cycle on because there was a lot of bank holiday traffic. Lots of vehicles towing big boats on the way to Lake Taupo. The pub was adequate. Once upon a time it must have been quite a busy place with a big bar and lots of rooms. Tonight we were the only guests staying with a few interesting locals in the bar to talk to.
There would have been a sea view from here on a clear day.

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