Thursday, 16 October 2014

16/10/2014 Auckland – Thames ( by bus) Thames -Te Aroha ( by bicycle)

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Garmin Connect Thames to Te Aroha

Auckland – Thames ( by bus) Thames -Te Aroha ( by bicycle)
One of the many many bridges we crossed.Leading into the
  tunnel this time.
After the fruitless attempt of getting out of Auckland by ferry we decided to
get out by bus. Which nearly failed us as well because the lady in the
tourist office accidentally issued us wit a ticket for 16/10/2015
which we didn't spot. In true Kiwi fashion this was not considered to
be an insurmountable problem so we arrived in Thames in good time. We
cycled just over 80 km completely traffic free on a disused railway.
A bit like home from home really. The scenery wasn't that different
either for most of the way although in parts the number of palms and
lush flowers would have been unlikely in North Devon. Lots of cows
though and tons of bridges and little cattle grids. NZ makes sure
that farm animals can move unhindered by roads or tracks between
fields and or farms. We had spotted all the under road tunnels
especially for cattle movement previously. It was an easy day cycling
with little wind and no inclines. It even stayed dry.

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