Thursday, 23 October 2014

23/10/2014 Bridge to Nowhere - Whanganui ( Mountains to Sea day 2 )

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23/10/2014 Bridge to Nowhere to Whanganui
It was still quite chilly speeding along in the jetboat
As we were the only guests in the lodge we could determine the time of breakfast and when to leave in the jet boat and as a result we were on our way for the 40 minute trip downriver to civilisation by 8.30. Having reached Pipiriki where we could rejoin the roads again allowed us to restart the journey South. The road was narrow and quiet and meandered down the valley never far from the Whanganui river with only 2 climbs of 200m. A straightforward sort of day with good progress as opposed to the laborious slogging [ albeit beautiful and worthwhile ] of yesterday. Once again it was dry and mainly sunny. Long may it last!

Once in Whanganui we headed straight for the Isite information centre where as usual the helpful staff rang around to find a good place for us to stay within our budget. Since we are in NZ we bought a huge amount of lamb chops and had ourselves a feast.

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