Monday, 20 October 2014

19/10/2014 Mangakino -Piri Piri flats

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19/10/2014 Mangakino to Piropiro flats camping.
Soo many bridges.
More rain forecast but on awaking it looked dry and the sun was forcing its way through. We continued down the river trail for 8kms before heading  South to find the Timber trail, unfortunately the weather well and truly broke and we were sodden as we arrived at the beginning of the trail. So far we are not to impressed with the accuracy of NZ weather forecasts. The only shelter was a  WC ( which was spacious and spotless as usual) where we  had soup and cheese sandwiches yet again . So exotic. Then we climbed some more. The track was very wet and muddy so progress was slow. Even when we finished the climb to 1000m and started the descent our speed remained the same due to the difficult conditions. Single track, deeply rutted and slippy. Exciting but slow. We weren't sure we'd make it and were planning alternatives but did finally make it to the camping area 1/2 hr before dark. The campsite was very remote with nothing along the single track for 45 kms on either side. Fortunately there was a woodburner  which we got going to dry out shoes, clothes and cook our eggs. All finished off by some well travelled and shaken wine. Magic.
Malcolm getting the wood burner going at the campsite

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