Thursday, 9 October 2014

07/10/2014 Rarawa Beach - Cape Reigna - Waitiki Landing

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Rarawa beach to Cape Reinga
Cape Reinga 
We woke up to
lovely sunshine. Throughout the night we had heard the wind in the
trees and were a bit concerned whether it would be possible to cycle, but
all was well. The direction had changed from head on to side on and
slowly decreased. Cape Reinga was stunning in the brilliant sunshine.
It did indeed feel like quite a magical place. According to Maori
this is where spirits depart for the underworld. The fantastic views
from the lighthouse show the meeting of the Tasman sea and the
Pacific Ocean.
Cape Reinga is
the official starting point of our Tip to Tip journey and what a
magnificent place it was. We cycled back down to Waitike Landing in
order to have easy access to Ninety Mile Beach tomorrow. Our neighbours on either side of the cabin managed to consume even more alcohol then we did. Which was not a problem until the middle of the night when both Malc and I tried to wake the other one up because we were disturbed by snoring only to realise it was't either of us but our neighbours. Camping in an isolated place has it advantages!
Where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific meet 

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