Saturday, 11 October 2014

09/10/2014 Ahipara -Opononi

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10/10/2014 Ahipara to Opononi.
After having sat the day out yesterday due the predicted bad weather which never came we set off expecting good weather which never came. Right from the outset it rained which proved to be a test that our wet weather expensive GoreTex coats, overtrousers and overboots sadly failed. 
We stopped in Broadwood for a ubiquitous Lens Pie and a change of clothing only to change some clothes again later when we arrived at the Rawene ferry by which time it had mercifully stopped raining.
Despite the rain the scenery was still beautiful and as the hilly section had been done in the morning the final section into Opononi was dry and gently undulating. After a bit of searching we found a lovely beachside motel room at a reasonable price and began the slow process of drying everything out. At least the weather seemed to have improved by the end of the day and the forthcoming forecast was supposedly good .We'll see

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