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27/10/2014 Masterton - Featherston

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27/10/2014 Masterton – Featherston
We are not seeing the best side of the Wairarapa region of NZ. It's supposed to be a dry region popular with cyclists. Well, today it is not. The weather is about as miserably wet as it can get so we decided to give the scenic route (almost twice as far) a miss and just scoot down the State Highway on the hard shoulder. The flat road got us to the motel in Featherston in no time. Hoping for a bit of dry weather tomorrow when we will be riding the Rimutaka trail to Wellington and our last day riding in North Island. From what we have heard the Rimutaka trail is really beautiful.
Some observations
x We've seen more calves then sheep
x We often hear very tuneful bird song.
x So far we have only spotted dead possums ( the only good possums according to Kiwi's)
x Public loo's in mostly excellent condition can be found in the most unlikely of places and far more frequently then in the UK
x Far more trees and exotic plants then I expected
x Lots of underpasses for farm animals to pass safely under the road.
x Little roadside stalls offer very good quality and cheap produce
x You can buy very decent bread almost anywhere
x The weather can change very quickly and drastically
x Southerly winds bring cold air!
x I sites (tourist information offices) offer excellent services and are well worth a visit.
X Some amazing mtb trails. NZ has invested hugely in these.
x NZ drivers are no less courteous then there UK counterpart so far
x And most importantly of all we have met soooo many helpful and kind NZ-ders. If you look puzzled on a street corner they rush over to help. If a motel is full they ring around until they find you another one. They make you feel very welcome and often go beyond the 'call of duty' to sort you out. Hopefully South Island will be no different!

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